The token sale has concluded and we’re immensely grateful!

Limestone Network has successfully completed the token sale on Probit, a Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange with global audiences. We are ecstatic that our project has caught the worthy attention of market players and we are immensely grateful for the new and existing communities’ high interests and support.

In the future, we do not exclude the possibility of holding token sales on other exchanges but the priority for us now is to fulfill the objectives established in the timeline and to deliver value to our token investors.

According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, smart cities will be a digital solution to having a more livable future. The development of smart cities will have a continuous and steady growth for the next 7 years, with the global smart city market projected to top a total value of $2.5 trillion by 2025.

We are pleased to have Limestone Network standing firm and to continue working towards the launch of the Smart City in Phnom Penh City Center come 2021. We look forward to transforming the lives of Cambodians!

For those who have missed the first and second round of IEO, feel free to get your LIMEX from ProBit on the listing day, 26 January 2021. Alternatively, you can still purchase your LIMEX tokens from Bitrue.

Important dates to take note
Listing date: 26 January 2021
Bonus lockup: Ends on 4 February 2021

Till the next update, LimeTribes!



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