The Overview of the Smart City- Land Use and Grass Floor Area Distribution

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2 min readMar 29, 2021


The Limestone team recently shared an article on what a Smart City is about and features which you can look forward to once the Global Tech Exchange buildings are completed. Furthermore, we touched on the features and facilities of the rest of Phnom Penh City Center (view our medium article here!). Have you also wondered about the space management and floor plans for PPCC?

Take a look below at the overall floor plans for the Pearl of Cambodia, Phnom Penh City Center

The newly built PPCC will transform Cambodia into a modern City. With a projected population of 190,000 (and home 56,000 residents), they will be exposed to local and international businesses in the education, medical, and hospitality sector.

The land use distribution and grass floor area distribution are as follows:

Infographic taken from Phnom Penh City Center Official Website,

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