The advantages of Smart Parking System

Limestone Network
1 min readJul 15, 2021

Employing smart parking in a smart city is an urban mobility solution. It helps to ease traffic congestion, enhance convenience by providing real-time data and analytics to both users and providers.

The Limestone Smart City app plans to have a similar smart parking system feature in the future. The team envisions that the Limestone Smart City app will allow users to purchase season parking, look for available parking spots and even locate where their car was parked.

Take for example Akron, a city in Ohio, which is looking to offer its urban mobility services to patrons visiting local shops, businesses and restaurants. The City of Akron has recently relaunched its metered parking and has also fostered a new partnership with Flowbird Group to provide a more efficient parking system.

Here are the advantages of having a smart parking system:
1. Online payment
2. Integrated with Waze (web mapping platform) to
find available parking lots
3. Block by Block parking activity information

With smart systems integrated, it is expected that the mobile application will help to generate half a billion worth of transactions annually.

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