ProBit X Smart City Updates

If you’re a follower on our Twitter and Telegram platforms, you would have seen the recent updates on why we have decided to partner with ProBit for our next listing. Fret not if you have missed out on it, here you go!

The Limestone community has been extremely supportive of the project — your eagerness to see the completion of our Smart city and the constant queries on when we are going to be listed on a new exchange, we heard you and we are appreciative of your patience! 😌

Through a vigorous shortlisting and selection process, Limestone Network is proud to present our partnership with Probit for our next token listing! This partnership will allow Limestone Network to share with Probit’s community more about the upcoming Smart City in Phnom Penh City Centre (PPCC) and allow them to participate in the growth prospects of the project.

The development is poised to be completed in the 2nd half of 2021 and as we inch closer to that milestone, we look forward to more communities worldwide to join us in this exciting journey!

If you missed out on our previous posts, we mentioned that World-Renowned Luxury Hotel, Hilton, and Global Insurance and Financial Services Prudential will be joining the PPCC as main anchor tenants.

Here are some artist illustrations of the completed project!

We look forward to future collaborations with them, and to transform how people work, live, and play within the Smart City.

Keep a lookout for our next updates!



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